Since Eurosol was born in 1999, we have been dedicated to the production and commercialization of cucumber, tomato, pepper, eggplant and melon. We currently cultivate 220 hectares and harvest 25 tonnes each year. Our mission is to produce healthy, safe and sustainable food, both environmentally and socially.

We supply our products to leading supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Germany. We also have a group of exporting clients in the rest of Europe, as well as a select national market.


We were the first company in Spain to obtain the AENOR certification of integrated production, thanks to our effort to cultivate with biological control, using living organisms to defend against pests.

We fully comply with European regulations in the production of goods and handling practices, and we have GLOBALGAP certification both in the field and in the packing house.

We also have BRC certification, which relates to the food safety of our products.

In addition, we are GRASP certified, because to truly have good agricultural practices, you must include the people. It is a voluntary evaluation that certifies the good social practices of Eurosol for the 320 people working in our fields and packing house. This certification assesses issues of health, safety and welfare of workers.

All of these practices allow us to employ SMETA, an ethical audit procedure. This methodology uses the code of the Ethical Trade Initiative and local legislation as a measurement tool.

Quality and traceability Our quality department is made up of 16 people who exhaustively monitor our compliance with quality standards in all phases of the production process.

Quality control starts with seed selection in our technical department, and continues through all the stages of cultivation, from nursery to field, and in the classification and packing facilities.

Traceability allows us to know the entire route of the product, from the nursery to the point of sale. For each box of products that leaves our facility, we track the product’s entire life from the date the seed was planted, to the treatments it received, when it was harvested, packaged, and shipped, as well as the transportation and point of sale to which it was sent.