Quality Policy, Food Safety, and Environmental Policy Rev.11 (06/03/23)

We consider that the development of EUROSOL S.A.T.'s activities should integrate sustainable development criteria that guarantee proper resource management and environmental protection, while also addressing society´s demands.

The integrated policy is defined by the General Director, regarding the grading, packaging and trading of fruit and vegetable products and is based on the following principles:

1. The company is committed to continuously improving product safety and fostering a culture of food quality within the company.

2. Produce safe, legal, and authentic products.

3. Ensuring maximum freshness of the products.

4. Fruits and vegetables will comply with the quality requirements of current national and European legislation, as well as the demands of our customers.

5. Guaranteeing throughout our business lifecycle the prevention of environmental pollution.

6. Promoting the responsibility for risk prevention and control to extend to every employee as a means of creating value within the organization.

7. The company is committed to implementing continuous improvement programs, involving all its employees.

8. Adopting procedures to establish objectives and goals, especially focused on minimizing emissions, waste, and impact on soil, as well as reviewing these procedures and the policy itself, to maintain its effectiveness in respecting the environment.

9. Providing training to all employees as a tool for continuous improvement and raising environmental awareness. To achieve this, the company will implement mechanisms that encourage the fulfillment of responsability and awareness of their impact on the environment in their work.

The responsibility for compliance with and respect for the principles of the Environmental Policy, as well as the establishment and maintenance of an effective Environmental Management System, lies with the Top Management of EUROSOL S.A.T., which is committed to implementing this system in accordance with the provisions indicated in the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.
EUROSOL S.A.T commits to reviewing and adjusting this policy to prevent obsolescence and update it according to changing circumstances.