We are dedicated to the production and marketing of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and melons. The different phases that we do are:



We have modern installations that allow us to cultivate products with integrated and biological production. For it we control the plant from the seed up to the consumer.
Our agricultural technicians are in charge of giving professional advice to the farmers to obtain a production of the maximum quality, guaranteeing to the consumer the maximum health of our vegetables and being respectful with the environment.
We fulfill the European regulation in everything relative to good practices of production and manipulation and have the certification of GLOBALGAP and GRASP for the field and for the packhouse.



The product is carefully treated since it comes to our installations. After the receipt of the goods all the products are quickly prepared in order to assure the maximum quality.
230 persons take care of processing and packing the product fulfilling with all the European quality regulations, as well as with the specifications of every customer.
The preparation of the products is realized in our installations that occupy a surface of more than 20.000 m2 and are provided with the most advanced technology.

We have the certification of BRC and SMETA.



Quality and trazability
Our quality department realizes an exhaustive monitoring of the fulfillment of the quality regulations in all the phases of the production process. For it we have a group of 16 persons.
The quality control starts in the choice of the seed that is carefully selected by our technical department and continues in all the phases of rearing (both in nursery and in field) and continues in the installations of the packhouse.
With the trazability we can follow the product from the field up to the consumer. For it all the boxes of product that go out of our installations have a number from which we can know the date of plantation of the seed, the treatments that received this plant, the date of harvesting, the date of preparation, the delivering date and the clients to whom these goods have gone.